Silage Stretch Film
Technical Specifications

Fodder is the main feed for livestock. Silage stretch films are made of multilayer polyethylene to protect fodder against direct sunlight and improve the fodder useful life.
Plastic silos are commonly used in many countries including Iran, and most farmers and ranchers are willing to use plastic silage silos because of their benefits, especially compared to bunker silos.

استرچ سیلویی

Main properties

• Silaging under anaerobic conditions
• Produced in different widths
• High durability and strength
• Preventing the production of thermal energy
• Producing minimum leachate
• Rapid depletion of oxygen from the silo
• Preventing thermal energy loss and allowing the cold silage process
• Huge cost savings

Available widths

Noavaran Keyhan Plastic produces 75-cm width films. They are also available in other widths at customer’s request.


The thickness of silage stretch films are 25 μ.


Silage films are used to store and silage fodder and grains.


Roll silage films are produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic in different dimensions and weights.


Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam Co. exports 5-layer films to the neighboring countries such as Russia, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

Shopping guide

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