Cost-effective silage films are considered a fast way for silage storage and protection.
Plastic silos are commonly used in many countries including Iran, and most farmers and ranchers are willing to use plastic silage silos because of their benefits, especially compared to bunker silos.

نایلون سیلویی


Noavara Kayhan Plastic can be produced in different width according to customer request.


The thickness of stretch films varies from 200 to 400 μ.


Silage films are available in black or in two colors (different colors for the inner and outer layers).


Silage films are used to store and silage fodder and grains


Silage films are supplied by weight in kilograms.


Rolled silage films are produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic in different dimensions and weights.


Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam Co. exports 5-layer films to the neighboring countries such as Russia, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

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