Shrink wraps are currently among the bestseller products for packaging various products due to transparency, strength, low price, and ease of use.
Shrinks wraps are differentiated from common films as they contract and adhere tightly to the packaged goods when heated. Shrink wraps produced Noavaran Keyhan are highly contractible with a reasonable strength for packing large and heavy goods.

فیلم شرینک نوآوران کیهان پلاستیک پارسام

Main properties

• Available in different widths from 0.5 to 6 m
• Highly bright and transparent
• High strength
• Printable in 6 colors
• Printable
• Possibility to add other features like anti-UV properties at customer’s request
• Highly contractible when heated
• Made of 5 PE parallel layers


The width of shrink films produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam Co. ranges from 0.5 to 6 m.


Printable in 6 colors


  • Packaging industry
    • Transportation and logistics industries

Type of supply of this product

The supply of stretch films is in kilograms.


Roll and pallet shrink films are produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Co. with different dimensions and weights.


Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam Co. exports 5-layer films to the neighboring countries such as Russia, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

Shopping guide

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