Greenhouses are of utmost importance for growing plants out of season. Hence, ideal conditions can be provided for plant growth by selecting appropriate greenhouse films. Polyethylene (PE) films are the most popular and affordable films for greenhouse applications.
Greenhouse films are exposed to direct sunlight so that ultraviolet (UV) radiation breaks the molecular bonds of PE chains leading to degradation of surface molecules and thereby a significant reduction in the useful life of greenhouse films. The UV-resistant PE greenhouse films produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Co. (Anti UV) resist against the sunlight for 3 to 4 years depending on the customers’demands.

پلاستیک گلخانه

Properties of greenhouse films produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam

  • Highly transparent
    • 5-layer
    • Anti-UV for protection against sunlight
    • Available in different widths
    • Anti-fog
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-oxidant
    • Pesticide resistant
    • Available in different lengths
    • Available in customized colors
    • Optical properties
    • Guaranteed by Iran Insurance Co.

Available widths

Greenhouse films with a width of 1 to 18 m are manufactured by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Co at customer’s request.


Transparent, green, lemon, yellow, etc. greenhouse films are produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Co.


Greenhouse film rolls produced by Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Co. are wrapped in several layers of plastic and sack.

نایلون گلخانه


Noavaran Keyhan Plastic Parsam Co. exports 5-layer films to the neighboring countries such as Russia, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

Shopping guide

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